Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Greek Dance

Greek Dance groups of Ascension!

Our Ascension Cathedral has had a long history and tradition of providing our youth with education in the art of Traditional Greek Fold Dancing. This, coupled with the Annual Folk Dance Festival, are the cornerstones of our ministry of culture and dance in praise and honor of God and our ancestors.


Our dance program includes the following groups:

Analypsis is our group for children in Grades K-2
Nea Zoe is our group for children in Grades 3-5
Seizmos is our group for children in Grades 6-8
Astrape is our group for children in Grades 9-11
Chrysi Aeti is our Young Adult group, or those who have finished High School.

Danny Staveris is our Executive Dance Director
Amy Kotsiomitis is our Dance Program Coordinator
Ava Angelotopoulos is our Assistant Dance Program Coordinator

New registration fees as follows (2011):

Group Name Grade Levels Registration Fee per Dancer Fee based on:
Analypsis   K – 2nd grade $100   No FDF
Nea Zoe   3rd – 5th grade $125   FDF and No live music
Seismos   6th – 8th grade $175   FDF and 2 suites live music
Astrape   9th – 11th grade $175   FDF and 2 suites live music
Chrysi Aeti   Young Adult $150   FDF and 1 suite live music

There are no sibling or family discounts currently

To assist our young people and their parents, through many aspects of the dance program (including financial support for FDF), we also have an auxiliary organization: Ascension Parents Association (APA). The APA is comprised of parents who work together to support our dance program, and has a hard working executive board and director who organize events and fundraisers to help offset the cost of competition. For more information on APA please contact this year’s president, Peter Mantas.

NEW! 2012 Dance Ministry Budget

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Rules & Regulations for 2010

Dance Program Brochure 2010

2011 Dance Ministry Budget Overview

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