Saturday, April 30, 2016

Orthodox World

Links to official Orthodox Church websites:*

1.)  Ecumenical Patriarchate
      a.) GOARCH
      b.) Metropolis of San Francisco
      c.) Orthodox Church of Greece
      d.) Mount Athos

2.) Patriarchate of Alexandria

3.) Patriarchate of Antioch
      a) Antiochian Orthodox Church in America


5.) Patriarchate of Moscow
      a.) ROCOR
      b.) OCA

6.) Other Patriarchates & Autocephalous Churches
      Czech Republic & Slovakia
Archdiocese of Sinai

Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Orthodox Christian Mission Center

Monasteries of Elder Ephraim

* This list does not reflect any particular order, for any particular reason, other than the list of “other patriarchates and autocephalous churches” which is alphabetical.